Mashiko Celadon

益子 青白磁


Maffin Dish

Hand Made in Mashiko, Japan
Collaborate with Satoshi Yokoo

Satoshi Yokoo
Born in Kyoto, and studied ceramics at a collage. Woking on clay for 42 years.
Shows in the Kyoto / Osaka area before moving into Mashiko.
Numerous awards and both solo and group shows.
Active paticipaint in the exchange shows and workshops with American, Chinese, European and Korean projects.
Participated in the International Wood Fire Conference in Iowa in 2004.

マウンテンサイドニッコウ|Mountain side Nikko

Factory: 321-0341 栃木県宇都宮市古賀志町850-11 Studio: 321-1436 栃木県日光市くじら町1772 mtnikko mtnikko mtnikko

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